Monday, May 2, 2016

Hiking up Penang Hill

Hiking up Penang Hill on May 2nd 2016, we started quite late at about 11am after Jeremy's tuition. Sun was already near noon position and was quite hot. However we were walking in a thick jungle and trees were giving a lot of shade except for certain areas.

some kind of insect we came across.

Oh glorious Durian trees. Yes... durian season is around the corner.

view of Ayer Itam

Yay... Viaduct station

Jaden needs recharging. As it was a public holiday there was a long que at the train station to get down and Dad said we can get to the car in an hour. We can beat the crowd. Silly me. He can make it in an hour but not us. Maybe Jeremy can. So we came down by the tar road heading towards The Botanical Gardens and at half way point (at 84) we branch out through the jungle way towards Ayer Itam and passing through some farmers land.

Aftermath black toenail.